Comp Spoon Model

JvP Pro Comp  Model

JvP Pro Comp Model


JvP Pro Comp  Model

JvP Pro Comp Model


JvP Pro Comp  Model

JvP Pro Comp Model


JvP Pro Comp  Model

JvP Pro Comp Model

John Perry Surfboards-JVP 5John Perry Surfboards-JVP 2

Comp Spoon Model from JVP Surfboards



2 responses to “Comp Spoon Model

  1. Name: Dave Rearwin

    Comment: Looking at some of your boards in a catalog. (deepzine).
    I have bad shoulders, to compensate I need flotation and glide for fast paddling/wave catching.
    1. Can this design be successfully scaled up to 9’6″ x 22-1/2″ or 23″ x 3-1/2″?
    2. In the picture on your website, the fin boxes appear to be a long way forward from the tail. Are they actually set farther forward than on most boards, or is this just an illusion of the photo angle?

    Competition Spoon:
    If you make it 9’6″ would 22-1/2″ or 23″ x 3-1/2″ be functional?


  2. DR… Thanks for being specific on your shape goal’s. Yes those dems are good ones. I would consider the 23″ width on a 9’6″ for a more continuous curve.The Viper has immediate Glide factor due to the concave system. The fin array is more forward to allow you to Drive the board from the center, thus having less drag and more balance. The turnability is exaggerated due to the fin pivot point’s being placed higher up. The added Spoon or displacement provides a couple of perfomance enhancements…Counter weight for ridding the nose and less swing weight for changing directions… PS: Your weight and height will help determine and refine dimensions as well, a call or a personal one on one is always good..” Phenomenal Ride ” is the feedback . Thanks for the Q. JP

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