Board Buyer’s Guide

In Deep Magazine:

DeepmagazineMuch of degroots quiver


3 responses to “Board Buyer’s Guide

  1. Some great shapes here. This is the original Shrimp design John came up with and since John tweaked it just a bit to add a tiny more nose with and a slight reduction in tail width. The result is the funnest board I’ve ever had for small waves and seems to work as the size get’s bigger too. My personal favorite for small to medium waves and the board that I take with me 95% of the time. The Threedom is a flowing board due to the predominant larger trailing fin and small side biters. I really enjoyed mine in local beach breaks last spring. The pin tails work solid especially in more powerful waves. The Beach breaker I unfortunately ordered too small for myself at a 5-6 so I really want to try a larger size say 5-10 or so as I think this is a great shape. John is shaping such gems right now. He is passionate, caring and is a joy to work with. Do yourself a favor and try working with John as the experience will be exceptional and your board will be so much more customized than anything you buy off a rack.

  2. Just getting back into surfing after a long hiatus following major neck and back surgeries. Using my old 9′-0″ performance board for now until I get my legs back under me. Looking at possibly having you make either Albatross or Competition Spoon for me. A little older and a little slower but I’m hoping you can hook me up with something that will work. Good to see you are still at it. An old acquaintance from way, way…….way back.

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