Saw Tooth

Here’s a look at the shaping process of another new model I’ve built called the “Saw Tooth.”  Check back next month to see this baby colored and finished!


One response to “Saw Tooth

  1. The Saw Tooth Model was initially designed for a single large Wing, actually placed that high up, their called a” Stinger ” that allows for an early, more radical board direction change at the notch on the rail line. The lower Wing was added to give the swallow tail even more liberation and allowing snappier cut backs…. Yes, I could shape it with just one Notch or the other, and they would perform accordingly, however since they both provide separate performance tasks they just make the Disc shape more loose. Since a Discus shapes are about immediate forward planing, I saw an opportunity to break it up a bit with the Sting and Wing pivot points. Also there’s a chance I might of been slightly influenced by XM’s radio Pink Floyd’s station while designing it ! 🙂 JP

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