Ryan Allshouse Loves his Shrimp!!!

Ryan “Allsy” Allshouse up in SLO county is good friends with Deep Magazine writer/Surfboard tester and my good friend Shawn Tracht.  Shawn and Ryan go way back and since they’re good friends, and the same size, Ryan, has made sure to steal Shawn’s boards away from him every time Shawn show’s up testing a new craft.

Well, Tracht told me that Allsy took this board from him to test it for “one wave.”  Low and behold, now it’s been two months and Allsy won’t give it back!

I have to admit, it’s so fun as a shaper to have someone enjoy the art you create.  Meeting Allsy last summer and hearing of his great sessions on a shape that I love is the best part of shaping.  Allsy has gotten a lot of good waves and from what Tracht has told me, a ton of compliments while riding it.  Apparently a few of his other friends asked to give it a try, but…to date, he hasn’t passed it around 🙂


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