JVP Surfboards : Surfwanderer Model

Shawn Tracht with our new creation: 5’10 Nose Ride Shredda Photo: Jon Reis

We can’t give away anything more than this, Deep Magazine came to Shawn Tracht, the writer/surfer of the surfboard column in Deep Magazine titled Board Trachting, and asked Shawn to find a shaper to create a board that has been in his mind for a long time.  Tracht, who can ride anything and rides everything, really wanted a board that could transition through the eras of time, both as far as board design, surfing style, and ability to ride an amalgamation of fins were concerned.  He was given free reign to choose any shaper on the Central Coast to shape this model.  As the story goes, after many drawings in his own mind that finally translated to something on a napkin at a meeting with the Editors of Deep Magazine, my name came out as Tracht’s number one choice as a shaper who could see a surfer’s dreams be realized through my ability to use my years of experience through the generations to shape foam in the shape of one’s dreams.

To say I’m honored is only half the story.  Shawn has become a family friend over the years, and engaging in this project has imbued as much inspiration and stoke into my shaping as it has for him, the surfer.  And in the end, that is the journey, right?  That you, the surfer, brings your stoke, dreams, and inspiration to the table, and I in turn, am able to feed off of that stoke coupled with my years of experience and dream with you to create your dream surfboard!

Call me, it’s time to realize your dream, my friend.



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